I couldnt believe when you pierced us with your political thorns
Leaving our hearts to bleed like tree experiencing the brutality of cutlass
Irritating our souls like patient of Ulcer,we could even say,we,are

Because we could hardly satisfy our tummies
Where are we going,where are our hopes
Which you have slimmed with your selfishnesses

Where are our glories
Which you have dwindled with your greediness

Where are our richnesses
Which you have swindled with your rachetness

We do know what we worth
But your lies have switched to worthlessness

The day you set white boxes
We all thought you have white foxes
Which we dont know you are teasers

You left us with withering roses
That shone a while and tinted off in mazes

Now we just understand your faces
That bold but fill with trickies
So then we would face the hazes of your axes
Where you will clear away like cases

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A facts about the thematic structure of politics,where the rights of citizens deny

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