Are we not the rats who suffer your chases?
When you first sought our thumbs
With inks painting in either black or blues
We thought then that you would keep your promises
We were happy to bow down to your icy voice
Which took us to the polls where we signed our improvished contracts
With happinesses jumped at our cheeks like baby sees his driver

We even helped you to appeal to Heaven Artist
In order you to wear the Golden Crown
Because we thought you are the one
Who can set our souls free from penury's cell

But quite unfortunate you added salt to our soring injuries
Which seems to become unhealeable wounds
You betray our trust and dare our worth
like eyeserviced Amanda to Alex in Nikita

You steal all the means of our livelihood
Replacing our earns with collection of rubbishes
You eat all the meats and meals
We cook, still chase us to be the last to kill,we are quiet rats,who
Are helpless but you are wild cats

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A facts about the thematic structure of politics,where the rights of citizens deny

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