Rain please rains again,again and again
The symbol you shaped in my heart yesterday like icing sugar
In which my lips could not resist the taste it coins
Especially when you first started like
processing fibre

Without slapping my window with touch of your soft hand
Therefore I could not seek the din of my soul
But asking the taciturn body that warms my hind
Although I didnt notice that that simple sole
Below my feet would recognize the propelling of my attention

You brought that joy when you babishly knock on my detention
That you fleet coolness around my passion
Which caused the rifted bodies to succumb to a warm
Even despite far distance still closeness and intimacy form
Like teeth and its gum,the relaxing of your hand
Like imposing curfew after wound,
a real glory

Again still when you started in firmary
The heart developed something more unique,feeling like distraction
Which beyond answering a question,even like mental distruption
but insanity,as the whole soul had torn apart in carrying away

Even thinking of where and how to piece together but still sway
A question of heart and answer of mind converged to align
Perhaps in one entity which reprised utterances of soul to malign
The two separatist hearts then beat together in concurrence
And both soul then formed natural alliance

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Rain is always a paramount natural blessing,its symbolize the true meaning of love heavenly and earthly

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