The downpours would spit like honeydrops
And the sun would race towards mountain
And the moon would circle by the stars
Like valley surrounded by sunflowers

The sea would decide the destiny of water
and her banks would combine minds like crazy lovers
The earth would encamp by the merciful angels
Like baby safeguards by the blessing night

Then the treachery night would lose its identity
And blame the protector of its devilish actors
The sacked day would release from suspended bond
Like life sentence prisoner

The aged grasses would recover its loss values
And the tree stems would happy about its genity
And the failed crops would regain its lost sight
Like day that sees its night

The shorten hour would elongate its tenure
And come every after chime of clock
The shattered cloud would appear beyond late night
Like unexpected visitor in the mid night over

Author's Notes/Comments: 

the embrace peace is a embracing free world

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