The tree I could not grow
Why should I have to cut it down
When i could not nurse its rows
With kindness,patience and in the dawn
That would survive its green
With hapless fluids around its grains

I could not believe the shames that scoop beneath its roots
Which suffering from the dampling flies's feet
The shady leaves that receive its dividends
coiling around and fretful like scary rodent
Even the soil that benefits its shelter
Considering ingrate as the best falter

But I'm so ashamed that I ditched into its cross
Like man entangling in his own dress
Fear,so weary that all vanished
Like oil facing the face of angrily hot pan
Which shows the play of punity farnished
And bend my head towards its vein
Started asking why I fail to keep my promises
My reply just comes in a simple tone
I'm sorry that i couldn't grow you

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The realism of live and life sujourn by the definite submission to own personal will and decision.

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