The Language of this man waiting,squatting and muttering
I could at all not in any way understand it
When He muffled and quacked like frog
I thought initially that I could decode or infer
But so shame that I could not even deicticalize its typology
Not at all that He dressed like onion
But I think there's something in his pragmatics illusion
So important that linguists could easily ascertain
But his soliloquising,solitary chants and aside decreolized the thought of his heart
although the abandonment of passers~by and ignoring of market people
Give me a concern that the standing man is living with Jinns
Who seemed to be his master and director
The dirty thing which took his mouth to speak
Did not truce but decree with military commandment
He dare not reject its shameful offer,else he will punish for life
When he first uttered word,i could not believe a strange action occured
As I forced to mumble and buzz like bees
Which I don't know he was talking to air
For he could never sever his intimacy with its
Then i know his language could not match mine

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