Gently and simply I sleep like a motherless lamb in my urchiny cottage
Waiting for the flight of Dreams to take away
Where the purity of my destiny will make a golden cast
There I stood on my shaping shadow
That forming a figure like stunting ghost
Which stood solitarily in the Ancient Cementary

Suddenly,A hardknock on my roof heavily crumbles like disintegrated rock
A harddrum danced on my hut rafters like Cathedral Bell
The heavy blows It threw against my entrance door
Thrust it down into laughter of pieces and cart it away
And remained me with glimpse of mirage

Again and again He rose up towards my pillar,then push it down
With his angry hands,further moved to touch the only lamp making the bright of my nightmare

Then walked up to tear down my beautiful garment
Lining on the clothline like razor's action
I became so unpatience like hunter eager to kill a game
By that time am so helpless,so i couldn't childe its character
Until it came to slap me with ogric hand
Then I submited to its command and allowed to take over my world
And lastly I appreciate its favour
For taking away my shattered fluids

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