Please,please the illuminator of the bright
I most times wonder how you make the earth beautiful
When you begin like quarter orange delight
At the beginning of the month with bountiful
Out,gradually set out through the vein of the day

Until you arrive on fifteenth of may
With a fully silver rays
I remember when i was born in october
That you came behind the cloudy bar

Each time I stress up my head
Always happy to see you in sight
Anytime you are no more aid
The world aroud me like dice

I reflect on the day I will woo my love
I want you to step out and symbolize eternity
There was day I heard the voice
Of victims of underworld that you stopped for infinity
Also remember the day my mother eyes closed

by death, that you promised to lighten her 'aves
please please never hide anymore
As my roof has been removed for your mean more

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