See my people

See the glory glows down like fire suffering from hand of air
See the sunshine dwindles like winter rose
See the heaven comes down below the head like paralyzing tree branch
See the earth rottens like stinking apple
See the sky browns like drying leaves

MY people see my people
See the moon dampens like cocoa torture by black pods
See the sun reddens like fire coal
See the sea thirsts like elephant
See the ocean fatigues like working camel

My people see my people
See the stars fades from sky like cloth exposes to fullsun
See the heaven rages like hurting pythorn

My people see my people
See the dust smokes like burnt rubber
See the air screams like wild wave
See the day hurries like stale shadow

My people see my people
See my Country sings down
like smoke attacks by whirlwind

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