All around scents of omnipotent
permeate all through pot of universe
the aesthetic and esctasy deliever by the giant stride moon
sets in from the skylit that debunks clear message
transmits by the encoder of heaven
i could catch my blank eyes with shining apple that strikes against my memory
so fresh and sweet like banana living besides the river bank

when i perch like bat in the evening,beneath my feet
a cacophonic song that wakes my ear to its function like student in the library
i could not deprive the right of my world that symphones my mood
that could be the sense of honour and show of shame
but the jingling of daydream eulogizes my paternity

and the care gives by noon when the coil of wets simmer on my rafters
my crestfallen rode into pariah of oblivion

when the call of black sea lives in a black land
a giant moles picked the way its own ruin

i could not spare the startle light that pale my night
i would always gratify the benevolent of nature
a starry night that most times embrace my terrible dawn
a coolly sunshine that does grace my scotching midday
always a right moment for my suffering soul
atimes dusk is callous with its soft sear
and the day is so urbane with its heavy handedness
that does use to touch the sense of night

what about the water that flows through the spring?
where i could drink up and get intoxicated
nature its beautiful with odds and primes

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