Tell me where will i be without this world?

i see the world without me like only path

through dens to where my proles fold

when i heard the agony of pregnant cloud

droppping its spit on the surface of the land

i came to fore in the hand of smashing soil

who laugh like the sapient who sees its mole

i thought of my woman who lives in lurch

i see her on lonely day,where the day cunning

that chase his man to the hand of death

in her eyes i saw a melancholy racing

through the tears that create path

i even saw offsprings play along with

the beared left by their right one

as the whole legacies had winged by gone

i asked why my good woman leave alone

in the darkness of lighten and famous world

as the whole story claimed the side of her old

please somebody help my widows not widower

they are mine,they are yours


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