the stricken light blinks in the eye of universe

instant message it passes  lite the black sky's lamp

and goes down back to settle back on black damp

and winks to assist the groan of thunder adverse

it causes blind of cloud more numbers hours

and makes it sight rare numbers of hours

thunder begin howling roaring,whiskly rumble

the smiley rain scare by fumble

of thunder,started sweatweeping like hungry cannibals

as it shoots the bomb of restless shoutvals

suddenly stand down at centre of earth

it annoys onward horizon,back to zenith

punish tree intends to calm it

trees bow on great gory look

screaming the death tears

children run collapsely for fear

hiding under mother's garment

as first time witnessing eventful occasion

father bursted into laughter

as he sees it culture of nature

until breaks the bone of his eardrum

mother tramps as anxiety grows tall

where are children,my husband

seeking the favour of heaven

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