The grass grows,no man live

only live with animal

living without quarrelling with one another

taleteller tell the tale in the moonlight

no monster to scare the vow

all live around other

neighboring with beast and sapient

they all live peaceful and unviolence

sharing the assets each other possess

even,exchange morning greeting

without harmful fear

once the feet of man  licked

the spicy of soil

the gentle animals became wild

the grass ran into the bush with fear

air became murderer

growing wild and wilden everyday

sun came to the head of sky

water trespassed its given boundary

playful drum beat dreadful evil

night delivered the moment of monstrous

covered up the posterity of foe

easy spring ran beyond the lake

later,came back and grew wolf

man scared another man

smiley bird heard the voice of man

flying back to its nest

pretended to be slept like oppossum

tree saw man blindhanded its face

untill seeing the passing off of man

giant rock saw man

doff its cap,instantly bursted

into laughter of pieces

man! man!! man!!!i fear you


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