the chant on the jolt

they keep their cake

and try to rake

they slice us into pieces

and they refuse to pay peace

we will slumber with our two eyes unsleep

our mouth will open and unspeak

for will fear their seek

they walk in our memory

for we not note our diary

all thought seems to be faded

no soul to reflesh our aid

they will allow

we will follow

like sheep wedge

without mind our dodge but ridge

as we have no name for love

and the name above

we will call seconds to minutes

because there's nobody reminds our minutes

our voices have scattered

hearing by many hearers

killing many innocents

dialogue had shamed

it could not heal the clash

our young will grow grey

amidst the old gray's ray

our minds overview our fault

as it cases the tault

i could be the settler

in the heart of westward

i am tribes swim in the sea of northward

i am fluent speaker of south tongue

motherly drum should beat in my vague


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