I am known person in unknown land

who neither know me nor my father

let alone talk about who my mother

i came from nameless village with nameless person

who at all know my village in the country

where i am the king

but whty i know in this land?

in a country where i am supposed to be a slaved

like old african creatures in the hand of stranger

as i entered i was welcomed with saint cheers

and thunderous applauds swallow my shying eyes

come,come i ushered in by the king

who deserted and filled me with his stool

i sat comfortably like hill on its throne

princes and princess come to my feet and bow

coming a wonder in my mind's mind

i asked who spit this smashing blessing on me

that makes me an honour emperor in the land of stranger

as i am now king in the kingdom

like nomarchs of marchs in the ancient egyptians

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