Your name is brute living in heart of man

deliciousness of soup beams in morale of season

winter in change of weather phoning

the most recognized monument in the gallery of world

i respected your name than my father's word

the higher name like mountain everest

your name,lower name like sky

name smells like beef from sty

odour of sosorobia,what an odour?

you are lovely,rose flower is loveless

black moon in the brow of waitress

simple wind blows in the midday

wild wave whistles in the buttock of nile

easy look fears by all,adore

handsome name marries the ugly bride

lion offorest,osrich among birds

africa,i traced your voice to the nile

there i,"africa" i found your source

source which i have been longing to know

when i bend,straight forward and low

i hate you when you laugh

and love you when you cry

afica you are mine,i am your

africa is my name,my name is africa

iam inside you,i miss you

i am outside you,i feel not you

my africa!my africa!my africa!

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