World-wave dances sleeping grass

dying againg on silence night

when murderous drum speaks behind harmonious fence

quack quack echo enchants through ache hill'

mouth,making precious roaning sounds slimmy sands

shaven head,vague eyestender to hill

loaf baby heavy like lead in mother's hands

fearing to carry to cathedral church

seeming on fateful day on sunday surged

where all stay in hall eating on stony face

pitying presence streams of genocide race

season is a winter,weeping reddishness

dready situation lays like yellow tintoil

falling foolishness,merciless dry rain beats

and rust sodden roof to feats

and neutralizing odd odours shits

when burnish bush flames whistling flimsy

through dead dreams spiting glimsy ectasy

how can we tell returning night strand?

to leave with his humble stubborn errand

war is simple wolf wooing the win wine

but a gentle dove eats black wind dine

we are beast where we are prey  

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