she trys about

making herself suffer out

the lash of GOD

beating her through hands of angels rod

are the angels wicked?

no they are not,waded

she rolled here there

on the bed for heir

and escape of LORD refuses to heed

she sought the sight of heaven

may be would look at her, even

but it's talk of no chance

as her head took to open the lost box

she denys the death as it intends her

kai! don't shake her,so wicked

as i can see,no doubt you can sleep

as big weep in the hand of heaven sent

he was so cunned,he can't forgive you

as he made us children as charity donors

our motherly experience has honoured

with the mind of inconcentration tend

can we be forgiven when she is no more around?

i will do like mother

can't do mother

like her no,like her not

as the life is the field of war

we fight,we win or defeat

we feel like ourselves

one by one will leave the earth

everyone is victim of death

our deeds are our own left legacy

when we have claimed by death

sure everybody is a death legacy  



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