why the year what the year?

the year is winding up

the man is growing up

the children are excited

villagers are exalted

for the coming of soon-born-year-

because the toil will soon harvest

the plants will soon laugh

woman thought distorts man's mind

mother thinks of next soup to cook-

for the stripping steed of lunch

to clear horrible season looks

and serve it in the big bowl on the stone bench

they circle sneaking like maggots with washless hand

the year arrives

poverty clears and dissolves

like salt pour in the water

sufferness dries like tree in the winter

happiness becomes high jumper

inside mouth of faithless kinders

throat clearing chases the war into the forest of lioness

peace then smells and sooth in

through affection of nose basin

Author's Notes/Comments: 

each year is a purpose of deliberation,he who thought wise thought done

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