I born like dawn

to shield duke of dirge

folding the world on palm

i lift to light the light

on the round around the centre circle

i born like dusk

to dark the charge endanger jeopardy

tailing the word of elder

i raise to lift the soul of tomorrows

inside the rows of randoms range

my youthful lake is more more

high to higher

rolling dirge off the ordinaries

raiding my road off thorns

inside crown of my crow

the big big handlets of my trouser

should tightly buckle

i born like camel

to walk the world to the black sea

carrying heavy wave on my back

sweeping the verandah of wilden

to the edge of beyond neat

i born like boor

to bald the bull boys

i took myself to where no one sees the future

waving around the sky

searchin g the eyes of heaven

Author's Notes/Comments: 

one who thinks future is children varieties meets his own on wilden wall

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