I saw it then, I saw the mountain ran

It was not a dream but in plain picture

With bleeding blood gushing through its nose

I saw the fruitful womb of the mountain

Refuse to born pieces of rock

I can see the tiny route where the fullboom light

Shed into the mind of too dark cave

There the earth  fell beneath the leg

Of moles, rock siblings then traveled to valley

Where their decisive decision kept them under

The blind sight of western desert

I saw hill staggered like wrestler

Who wants to break record of Tyson

Beneath its abdomen a eye watching

Around and across the sahara desert

Where land blooms of dust and wirling sand

Let the eye came down to my grassy roof

And spy the gullible head and survellance on wrinkle toe

Of  bloods cry horrible choosen headas

O! Africa savannah you filled the dam

With fragrance saint of bitter odour

You come and say along mind that flute

Dramatic sound blared out of tropical organ

I see the unity divides the nudity of slack black

Who denied the swiftly race of difference races

We are gentle like python, our breast wicked like cobra

Who is that black man leant over the fence?

Is he tried to check my attitude

Or propelling my caurasal?

I saw the black man coming out of black moon

Setting later in the night of hood day

He had filled up with coal dust

Smelling like brew leaves

And gradually clean without cleansing himself

And eventually neat up like bright sky

He was even a skybond

As know one can tell who he was

Then I know everyman is on equal tall

No man bellow no man taller

As one is one other is other

So I want white cloth covers my black nude

And my black nude covers by white towel

As the hill that has eye

Would fling me and watch the man

With cruel face that can kill

Those detractors that trail us  


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