Cutlasses there playing with no grass

hoe is a free-man,sleeping on the rows

weeds are giggling,celebrating coolness of air

and menacing the integrity of growing-tuber

season is almost depraved

and homaging invitation of foodless time

isn't that an artificial call?

nature could not help if that done

nation is crying

children are undelighted

as they denobled moon-tale

father mother 're screaming like fish

farmer there bending the ache-waist

to donate is energy for world free

still they denyed and helped no

they say,they bring food down

to cause the pain of their haste

well,they get peniless to grow the effort

Author's Notes/Comments: 

it touches the scenario of farmers in the world,though they get subsidies but not enough,especially in africa and they are the nation maker

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