tit of my heart

is not melt to think you

in the spicy day

and to bury you inside the bossomness

the thin of life

is lik passing through needle-hole

O! i must not think you

when the fire-rain

trembles the linens of soil

but i must think you

during the dartless of sollo

to the marrow of mello

crying of my son

causes by the hot of your son

i call danny

comes so many

stupidity of earth

must halt and douse by hearth

invitation of tomorrow

woukd borrow-

us the erasure

to our sweatful pressure

with which our ooth leg

would walk us to the sharpen cave

where gentle dove

lays metal egg

your lips is a snowy sugared

Author's Notes/Comments: 

PRO is prefix item which i call to answer the question of relationship support and undiluted and unjilted between the giver and taker of it

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