tumbling,tangling and teachery

the worms of fore head rings and sings

relative is perfidious

melody of song

wakes and slumber the rain of crying

sooner or later bold turn-torn

day malingers to be best

whereas it is tortured

but good still ungood

soon bare mounts ripeless hoof

of unbeaten-crying man

who sees the life a coffin

which lies him undeath

with which back is broken

face is boilen like water

on the pot sets on fire

the road is cross-bend

the leg turn way to taboo forest

like somebody banish from town of devil

the tracing evil roll to man before man

who had lived in moses time

the child now receiver of man's perpetration

Author's Notes/Comments: 

the poem weighing to tell the bad deed of once time lived relative who later avenged on the head of hird generation child.'evil of man records on child's head

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