when blood is a bleed

that dropping on toe

and streaming to feet

with arrow thrust the nostril

with dart broke the annus

biography is a deformer not reformer

with astonish eye glass

setting on the face of the world

we are asking creator

who are the creator

our soul purifying numbing

with anger of ogre

war scrolling ignition

to ambush fatty-taste

when the war remains solution

to power claimant

you become a formation born

handling torchlight

to dim the world a global village

to instal artificial stars

dazzling the pond of sky

stretching to spread twenty fours sides

to the nook and cranny of moon

and lightening the world

to grant amnesty

of which sense of humour

and ranging wide and web

when white is an enemy to black

and black is friendless of white

when poverty stricken

tossing like storm

chasing the madman shadow

thin and thick people pass

your hairless head carries the rock

free the world from freeze of fragility

and feed the world with kind-spoon

holding on your leppard hand

formulation organising you

road the slavery freedom

of mama stump land

your quote'EQUAL BEING'

declaring the fold of humanity

and commands the dehumane barricadence

of war-massion

when man derating to mammal

for our offence is simple but unbailable

code of conduct procure

analyses method of red-free-sky

the burden on your head

still unloaf

because my mama land

still conceive the baby

of war inside her belly

so i urge you to conceive idea

to burst the balloon of strong trash

Author's Notes/Comments: 

world is an egg that easily break if no to save and fight'.the promptation of inspiration that aspire the written of this poems is to encourage the united nation to quicken their attention to save the world from cold-blood and sudden bury of soul yield.because 'the quality of being creates by attention of being'

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