The drummer throws up the drum

and ready to beat the drum

singer comes out like forest beast

while dancer wait,set to dance

all exceedingly excited

the drummer makes the drum talk

to dance the listening ear's leg

drum's speak,hanging the happiness of all

like sleeping bat hanging on the tree

in the night

as it chanted the "end of war"

the dancer glued himself like wax doll

singer submitted herself like dunghill refuse

children, father mother are hearers

they gathered happily,sharing sorrow cheers

as they expected new singer

who will sing the song of past dietary?

the song that would lift our soul

wake our sleeping ancestors,wipes our tears

song that would lead us to cementary

to rise the death of our brothers and sisters

song that would take us to farm

of forefather,where crops bowed down and died

and brought the rain of poverty and hunger

where legacy had swallowed by evil smoker

ancestors graves had perished

for us to say,we seek their help

song that dreamed us to see the graves

of our neighbors,when raided

for our eyes saw,our ear heard the hawker

for world is wickedless,we are the wicked

where are mothers,where are fathers?

they had slept on the chest of war

come one,come all

let's sing the last song for feeble parent

who had flown away with stream of blood

our shelters had scattered

our textiles had tattered

come,come let's sing the song

our siblings had gone

father mother had received the call of death

come,come let's sing the song

our legacy had claimed by war

our hope had drowned in the sea of war

come,come let's sing the song

song of sorrow,song of mourning

song of shame,song of melody

let's sing and dance to song

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