Africa i owe you

i owe you the coins of respect

that i loan on the day

that i sought the being

which you gave that i used to born

in the midst of fertile soil

where the merriment of the day sleep

i love you africa

for i born in africa

i live as an african

why i can't proud of africa?

if it is insult would make proud of you

if it is death would take bath of my day

i would take you to lawn

where you be planted and harvested

on the day of my melancholy

i am black of black colour

i am coal of african mine

i am bottom of african pot

i am cloud of rainy day

i am night of summer season

i am hair of my head

africa you are honey

you are great,you are fun

you are good

you are favour

you are flavour

you are land grows integrity

you are pond nurse fish of dignity

land of proud

i am not that bastard

who dressed you in the rag of shame

your taste is real

your taste is good

i will never be that man

who planted you with colour of cleaningless

oh! africa i love you

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