You are like diamond dome,refined gold

build beside red sea bank

brimming the freeze air

to the nose of my neighbor

blowing away dandruff,rashes fighting my hair

your silver eyes topstay me on mount arafat

flying me in the sky like bluebird

resting me in your nest

during night breeze in the night of cold

my fresh skin punish by your cherishing heart

your breath is a salad aroma

your chest like morvic's mattress

your two apples lull me to sleep,quacking me

like night frog,i see our dreams passing

inside the romeo and juliet fiction heart

you are trinket of elizabeth jewelries

i balmrob you to trick you to loveless sleep

i commit high criminal offend

convicting for break and entry

i am your soldier invading your private temple

scaring civilians suitors,which i kept down your waist

your  heart is a lamp lightening my darkness

you are a mercuric illumination detecting,

fake currency,you are as expensive as gold

as value as diamond

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