See the sun zank before the setting dusk

grasses refused to dance to the tune of wirlwind

tree fruits forsake their mother

raindrops turning to dew smoke

the setting moon hid behind the angry cloud

look at stars the are departed the sky

like toetured servant abscond with the alien

see caring air disolving like shadow ghost

the ageless men are on the way to no lead

children are witch to their own stars

where are the moon that will lighten barbarians?

we are the wizard that will threaten mafians?

we are the breezies that will brim the facet ectasy

we are the new moons we are the new moons?

as cloud was so heavy in his pregnant

who knows when it will deliver

when will the new moon set in the eyes of the sky

that will cause brighening night of darkness

see the singing birds disappered like

poured water seeing the setting of the sun

see the ground trembled and tumbled like

falling stone from head of the mountain

see also the fish swam down to buttock of the sea

see the rising sun turning black

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