all sit tight low bend and divided

aged grade men and women

sit with one buttock side

with hands lay on side face

as the other had bared,eaten

by languishing agitating puzzling of modern stool

their heads look on look like

loosening palm tree

the women sat roughly with untighten wrapper

and their half-body attracts to lovely sun scotching

their beautiful gaments are inferior

to burn down the evening sad

men on their side sighten under the

bushy fence of mouth's hairs

their grey beards hoard the dusts and dirties,still

it was stone age as their hands still on the arms

head still on the neck,eyes still on the face

instead all should lay on pant ground

young citizens cry aloud like snake sighter

for the falling of the rain

as the bucket tenders before its heaviness,unfull

why is it rain that can't ruin?

would the blank tree shade the millions?

the middle ageds lie flat on stomach

in the junction

of the nation

crackling palm kernels on kneel,found no cakes

though no pain exerted from volume of prosterity

as they cracks and the spoilage particles hatch out

the smile fade away their face

each and each they move away the faze

still,till the biennial years walk out

they wait to toil and cultivate the land

but they are not ready to plants

as they fear rodents and dares

the soil would be fertiled,if free year had't claimed

the funky chastity had vanished

and loosening while searching the transquility farnished

as selfish intersts and money mongers caucus

holding in mist of useless calibres and chimbers

they thrift

thy thieft

they gain

they chain

our futures are naked

our future like bare soul dying with red colour

no leaves to put together to sew cloth to cover

our backs torture by political whip

no litigants to forcast our case

and interprete our mind say

our body laid on the entrance of empty

no tongue to drink our cunning blood

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