"The Trail of Tears"

Look over there,
Just across the stream,
Do you see it now?
That majestic oak tree,

Under that very tree,
Many seasons ago,
My father taught me,
To make arrow for bow,

And over great hill,
Great wide open space,
When first leaf would fall,
Harvest dance would take place,

Down in the meadow,
We follow small creek,
To hunt many deer,
Sometime for many week,

This is our land,
This is where we call home,
The forest  and fields,
Are all that we know,

The mighty bear spirit,
Whispers wind through the land,
He shows us the balance,
Of animal and man,

When salmon swim north,
Eagle and Bear spirit see,
We  hunt with the understanding,
Take only what need,

New people of this land,
Know not of our way,
They take without mercy,
To the spirit that gave,


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to all my Lakota people...

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