” The Speed of Sludge ”

Chards of glass and broken dreams,
Decorate me as I fall,
Baptized in a pool of sorrow,
Only memories of standing tall,

Open me up to see inside,
Run your fingers through my decay,
With rainy thoughts and crippled hopes,
Its where Im forced to stay,

Beaming light will radiate,
Illuminates the hurt,
The laughing clowns have everything,
I am left holding dirt,

Invisible to the outside world,
My sun will never shine,
The cracks on my knees now separate,
Wasting faith on vacant skies,

The hour hand has damaged deep,
Punctured pride and worn,
Pursecuted to the full degree,
As I wear this crown of thorns,

The grey dark sludge that once was me,
Motionless in this cellar of hate,
My soul grows mold, too late to save,
Rotting dreams will have to wait....

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Damn, typing this in, I realized how deppressing this one is...jeeze

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