” Unfinished”

Her hair flows like satin,
Synchronized with the wind,
Her eyes grow warm,
As she looks at me and grins,

I wonder what her name is,
I wonder where shes from,
Is she a kind, gentle soul,
Does someone make her feel loved,

For a brief moment,
I pray for time to cease,
So my senses can take her in,
And she wouldnt see me,

A swaying glow of ambience,
Skin, a sheet of silk,
As I hold her in my arms,
Covered like a quilt,

She tilts her head back,
Pure innocents unknown,
Our lips move towards each others,
In the world, just our two souls,

All at once Im startled,
Echoes the sound of dispair,
As she slowly drifts away,
Left holding nothing but air,

Her sweet smell turns sour,
Only in memory it will stay,
I am left in my room,
All my hopes fades away,

Wasnt she real,
Was it all just a dream,
Settling back into loneliness,
With only myself to lean,

Hopefully someday soon,
When I meet her again,
She will be waiting,
Them eyes and that grin.....

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Some words probably misspelled..sorry.

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