(T. Beechey)

I see everyone else in their daily lives cheating on their husbands and wives

Beating their kids and taking drugs,passing it off with mindless shrugs

I see everyone else on the street,pushing and shoving,cursing all they meet

While they climb their ladders of success,always looking for buttons to press

I'm glad I'm not like everyone else

Each one caught up in parallels

Of what they're trying so hard to be

And who they are in reality

I see everyone else at their homes,being so righteous then going to roam

All night long on the internet for any cheap thrill they can get

I saw everyone else at the bar tonight,talking real loud and picking fights

Drinking till they slide off their stool,landing face-first in puddles of drool

I'm glad I'm not like everyone else

All of them trapped in their private hells

Unaware of what pains they cause

Yet mindful of others' faults and flaws

I see everyone else everywhere and they don't know or even care

And never will or realize how and I sit back and think,"Oh wow..."

I'm glad I'm not like everyone else,hidden behind their separate veils

Forced to wear society's disguise and becoming unknown to their own eyes

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