(T. Beechey)

Perhaps in an opposite universe,I'd find it better instead of worse

Away from the madness,apart from the tears with distance between myself and fear

Where what  I am is clearly known and what I'm not's sincerely shown

Lies and truths don't intertwine,fact and fiction have parallel lines

Perhaps in a separate scenario,I might discover where I should go

Past the future and into the dream,over the edge and through the seam

Where what's untrue has been exposed,where what may be is only supposed

No question or query,speculation or guess,it's all understood with no need to confess

Perhaps in a different point of view,I could ascend to worlds anew

Through the maze,against all odds and into the realms of fools and gods

Where an open road leads to destiny and how I'll get there is plain to see

And doubts are merely consequence for misinterpreting common sense

Perhaps in another place and time

I'd be allowed to soar and climb...

But here I am in the here and now

Not knowing why or where or how

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