(T. Beechey)

The summer's spent while winter's advent

Awaits to make the scene

The sun's set,the snow's not here yet

So here we are in between

It's a coming of age as God turns the page

To a time for you and me

And moments linger as each of us bring our

Hearts for all to see

There's a chill in the air that wasn't there so very long ago

And chipmunks scurry in a frenzied hurry,traveling to and fro

And flowers which bloomed are now entombed in their beds far below

Until their rebirth once the earth has shivered off the snow

Laughter and smiles while leaping in piles

Of freshly-fallen leaves

As mini-skirts and muscle shirts

Give way to slacks and sleeves

Football games,the dancing flames

In fireplaces ablaze

While the harvest moon rises,as do surprises

Of coming holidays

The birds take wing and each one sings as they start their Southern trek

Over barren fields that once did yield a bushel and a peck

The squirrels seek nuts as every breeze cuts closer to the core

But yet it feels good,just as it should and shall always forevermore

But those changing leaves,that's what I believe

Autumn is all about

As they fall to earth,I find the worth

Of the season without doubt

From the dawn of September till the dusk of December

This time is born to all

Let's all rejoice in a single voice

For this season known as Fall

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