ANDY (Dedicated To Andy Kaufman)

ANDY --- Dedicated To The Life Of Andrew Geoffrey Kaufman (1949-1984)

(T. Beechey)

He came like a comet through the skies,

He left before we could speak our goodbyes,

And in-between we cast forth our eyes,

To the magic and spirit of Andy.

Both to the woeful and the wise,

He was the bond that forever ties,

The bond between self and disguise,

And,for that,we love you Andy.

He caused us to think and realize,

The boundaries existant in truth and lies,

He give us hope for further tries,

To claim for ourselves the ultimate prize:

The admiration life often denies,

All the world over, long after one dies,

So, it is with pride that my voice decries,

"Godspeed unto you, Andy!"

Some folks, they won't accept your demise ---

Too many "hows" and "ifs" and "whys",

They insist that,once again,you'll rise,

But,whether or not, it still applies:

When one succeeds where each odd defies,

And, out of each low,creates new highs,

Regardless of name or shape or size,

Therein lies the essence of Andy.

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