(T. Beechey)

Let me tell you about the dream I had,it wasn't happy and it wasn't sad

I can't say whether it was good or bad because,in the end,we all go mad

I had a dream a while ago

About a town I didn't know

And you and I were lying low

While everyone else ran to and fro

You and I,just standing still

Down in a valley,up on a hill

You told me to jump,I said I will

But instead I flew,I flew until

I reached the very top of the sky

And I saw things no other eye

Had ever seen,could ever try

What I saw was the reason why

It wasn't fancy but it wasn't plain,there was no loss,but there was no gain

It's really kind of hard to explain because,in the end,we all go insane

Why I am,why I'm here

Why I'm not who I appear

Suddenly,it came so clear

And even more so as I drew near

And,the nearer I drew,I realized

I was seeing myself through another's eyes

Ones without blame or disguise

And insight to clear up all those whys

Why I am the way I be

Why I'm you and why you're me

Why we're not what others see

And why we were what once was we

There was nothing neither cruel or kind,nothing was lost,there was nothing to find

It can't be properly defined because,in the end,we all lose our mind

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