Forbidden You Can See

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This is forbidden

You whisper to me

I know you can see

Right through me

Looking though my eyes all I ignore

You’re the only one who actually looked

To see what was in my heart

That what scares the shit out of me  

Its you who listens to what I say under my breath

You know too much

I can feel it In the way you touch

That your thinking the same as me

That this wasn’t suppose to be

You weren’t suppose to be that sweet to me

I wasn’t suppose to make you care free

Too feel this good

Your feeling better then you should

I make you feel like your worth more than a piece of shit

You smile tells me your scared yet excited

Your eyes tell me your full of desires and fears

For we fear the same

We should have never looked into each others eyes

I should have walked way we’ve already came to far

But those eyes keep me here its forbidden

I want more

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