Just in reach, but untouchable

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Why is it that the one you want is untouchable

Know that you could be the perfect couple

But you know that he is in love with someone else

Knowing that there is no way in hell

That  you will ever be her

That she is out there

Holding his heart in her hand

And that’s one thing you’ll never understand

She isn’t worth his trouble

But secretly u wish she was your double

You wait

Knowing that he has found his soul mate

But still you drive by and bang on is door

Finding that he isn’t there anymore

You see him and you know

That his love for you will never grow

Because he is in love with a girl

That he thinks will rock his world

He will never see past his infatuation

And you still see it in him at every occasion

Waiting for him to call

For him to leave his past all in all  

Why cant he see past her

All he has to do is walk into the room and your heart beats faster

You hope that one night, he won’t be only in it for the ride

That he will stand by your side

And quietly whisper in you ear

Those words you have longed to hear  

“I love you “

“I want to be with you”

But wake up, you’ll never hear those words

Because you waiting in the unknown

You wish his heart is where you could call home

But you  have more love then he dose

When he is with you its one be fuzz

All he will see you is as a fuck buddy

He will never call you honey

So here I wait

Whish is more then what I like to admit

You can take this as you please

But I am begging you please

Just to love me

Love me please  

Author's Notes/Comments: 

hardest thing in life is loving someone who you know wont ever love you back, this person knows who he is

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