Meaning “I love you”

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I thought when a person said I love you it meant something

But I guess when you says it, it means nothing

It comes so fluently out of your mouth

Like you know what its all about

Its suppose to come from the heart

To a person that you would never leave in the dark

You say it so fast

Trying to make things last

Now I know that you would never be ready

To have a real girl and go steady

Love is though thick and thin

But it was the thick that did you in

You rather give up then fight for it

Obviously your love was never really worth it

Go ahead think that I cheated

Believe that girl that u just meeted

It wasn’t true love if you have already moved on

I turned around and you were gone

You said that I left you broken hearted

I think you were scared of how far we have come since we started

If it was true love you would have called

And tell me that your love me still all in all

I told you that I love you

And I the sad part is, I still do

But a broken heart can only wait so long

Then it’s gone

I don’t know how you think I have no Idea what love is all about

It was my love that never fell out

I just pray that the next girl you ask out

Knows what your “I love you” are all about

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I hope those who read this will realize that saying I love you isnt somthing to take lightly and that you breaking that persons heart if you say it and you dont mean it

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