Sweet sensation..

I see but many a hands'
I feel them tearing me
I am like a fish out of water
In my dreams i call my amma'
They release me eventually
Neither sweaty nor panicky
Im alive but Soul' has died i think
Then a sudden sweet sensation on my feet, my shoulders
I feel my angels around me
Oh!why oh!why oh!why
Lord knows i've tried
To be me to feel to see
Wish you'd understand
Yet you're nowhere to be seen
I share tis' with you
Perhaps you could come save me.........
I remember you saying
 call me' when in my dreams'
I wait to do so desperately'
I call my amma'
They release me eventually. ...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

#your feet :) 


I hope u remember to call me when they visit you again ya....✌


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