My pillow

I cannot let you go  nor can i keep you with me  forever
When your promises are lies
Why do i believe you
Sweat on sweat lip on lip
The passion remains no more
Yet you are next to me every night
Why cant you disappear
I will be hurt if i lose you though
But i shouldnt make you stay
My eyes go watery in an instant
When thought of your absence erupts
Someday you will exit my mind body and soul
But for now you are with me
Time heals the most excruciating hurt they say'
Perhaps' it may heal me whos to say'
Memories piling up day after day
I have become reckless knowing you will abandon me someday
But for now you are here with me
Your voice echoes my core
Every time you whisper your lies
Yet i hold you close
Expecting you would propose
The man ' in you emerges as i moan
Moments aftermath i am so torn
Heart bleeds immensely
But you enjoy your cum'
And leave me Naked and alone
Tears they drop as i curl into my pillow
My Shivering body your swollen ego
You leave me helpless for hours
I lay still with my pillow........
Why cant you disappear
Why cant i let you go...................

Author's Notes/Comments: 

#for u  its time to let him go......

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