Coyotes you hear !!!!

hey my friend' thanks for sharing your story

the journey's been grand for ya glad to know you're healing while traveling

i travel too infact i travel a lot 

way too much'hurt tis silly heart's got

careful of them coyotes you hear 

i shall cross the mojave too some day 

my plans gotta pave the way 

land down under now it says 

ride all the way 

bless that thought of feeding others in plenty 

them benjamins full in your pockets 

may you have whole lotta twenty'

perhaps someday  travelingpoet meets the woman 

perhaps someday....


take the hurt meditate more 

write a story write many more 

ive been down the depth of the hurt domain a long time ago 

only to find a god of love much more 

ive been hurt before 

just so you know...........


thanks for sharing your pain

its easier for me to communicate 

world apart from the himalayas i send you a message 

a message to stay blessed........!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

tis ones for you woman :) 

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