i miss you very much this i had to say..........


"staring at the forest across the river from your kitchen

tears make their way down the window and drops on the cherry tomatoes 

our memories you cant erase but you're stubborn enough to ignore,

far far away in the land where buddha was born an eagle sings for his love'

i feel you so deep within that it hurts way too much,

we truly loved each other but fate had other worries' for us

there you are staring from the window

here i lay with my empty heart

you had your reasons i had mine too

silent distance penetrating the inner core

riding the lonely highway wish i could see you more

you always loved my poetry i never wrote for you though

you were my poetry

excruciating it may be for i have words no more............

sunrise to sunset' memories in every breath

love ruled at the ineer depth,

i forgot myself for i had you to care 

now we both bare the memories tear'

i have set you free my love' fly away

ignore this dying heart you may!

inevitable come the day' you shall see me riding the other way,

i miss you very much this i had to say..........


silent distance penetrating our inner core........... 


Author's Notes/Comments: 

tis ones for you......!!!!!!
#mirik #reli #memories 

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