Hide and Game Over

The lover in me says roses are red.

The idiot in me says violets are blue.
Which one will I be today?
In a way, I really don't have a choice.
It's by your voice that decides how I'm going to be.
Until then, my true self hides behind you hoping you won't turn around and see the real me.
I could have ran far away in the thirty seconds you counted.
But you would've came and found me.
And I knew there were others out there playing the same game that we were,
But I knew you'd come for me first.
And the worst part is I'd be it next.
I'd start counting and eventually I'd open my eyes to see you were gone.
And on my travels to search for you, I'd get lost time after time again.
And that'd be when you'd shout out to help me a little bit every now and then.
But in the end, I wouldn't be able to find you.
And I knew you'd get tired of hiding from me.
You'd see me keep searching, but it wouldn't be good enough.
So you'd make the tough decision of letting someone else find you.
To go home with them and play different games.
While I'd be alone by myself still searching for you in this game of hide and seek.
In this game I was weak. I could never find you,
But that's because there was no one left to find.
You left me behind. And it's not entirely your fault.
I was caught in something I knew nothing about.
You tried to teach me though. You tried to show me how to play.
But on that day, I was unteachable.
And you turned out to be unreachable whenever I called.
I was mauled by the sound of your voice-mail.
I couldn't tell where you'd be or where you'd been.
So it was then that I finally decided to quit the new game I was playing.
To give up and be saying I'd lost.
But at all cost I waited as long as I could for you to show.
So you would know all that I'd been through.
To see you, and end this game.
But when the time came, you didn't appear.
And it was crystal clear that this was truly the end.
So I fully believed that I could find someone else to play a new game with.
But that turned out to be just a myth in the Odyssey of my life.
And it'll be plain to see that I may not know what I'm doing,
But at least I played.
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