Fuckin Annoyed

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I can feel it working up

a storm growing deep inside

I've finally had enough

it can no longer hide.


It seems like everyone around me

lives to make me steam

I want out of here, but theres no way out

I constantly feel like I'm going to scream.


I cant stay here much longer

without going completely insane

I'm ready to bust my way through that door

I wont feel one bit of shame.


No one could stand the amount of annoyance

I have put up with here

I've put up with it for so long now

everything is put together crystal clear.


This pot is boiling over

its going to make a flood

everyone should get out while they can

before I drown them in mud.


Sometimes I want to gouge my eyes

rip the roots of my hair

it feels like everyone wants to annoy me

because they just plain out dont care.


They're poisoning my life

and stripping me into what they want

its like they bought something from the store

and realized it wasnt what they bought.


I'm so fucken annoyed

with these thoughts in my head

I just want everything to stop

It makes me want to be dead.


Don't you get it?

I don't want to be here anymore

I cant do what you want of me

I'm finally walking out the door.

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