(Eyes Free) Dining Room Of Entities

Meta-morphologically, To the capsized economy, 

And methodological Nuances That Luer in Apologies,
 But no need for Tranquility or False promoted Duality. 
If the diluted self lacks concentrate then demonstrate Fluidity.
 It's a lackluster and stupidity, moronic Insensitivity. 
Plastic scene I'd make it at the birthplace it's nativity!
The core it's the Epitome... Wait for an Epiphany, 
Scribble out the words and write it out on a eulogy!
more legs out then a Millipede, The poison from a centipede, 
And hoisted above a centerpiece in a dining room Of entities. 
Relentless but the rent is free. Degenerate Generational 
Stimulants are sensational you'd ration out the taste of coal! 
Where bank accounts erased the souls
From rags to riches, skin tags to stitches, 
From magazine covers, Two trailer park hitches.. 
More exploratory than Hitchens, More astronomical than Tyson, 
More scientific than Sagan, healthcare reform is Christlike! 
If corporate welfare Is a way out, Then free food is a human right! 
If Zimmerman wasn't guilty,  and actors weren't having heart attacks, 
I give you your Sopranos and I'd take threes company back! 
" Knock on my door we've been waiting for you.."
You  listen to our phone calls, And you have video surveillance too! 
Paula Deen is a racist Made of butter and Newscasts! 
Doma was knocked down, But I don't know Who's laughing last!!! 
Perry's still in Texas, Bachmann still at large, Snowden Is a hero,
And Siri comes in cars!
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