questions for my love (Unfinished)

The Soul's Journal

Questions for my Love


Where is my love when I wake up alone?

What is this pain, this ache in my bones?

How can I care when you act like you don’t?

Why do I try when I know that you wont…?

Maybe I’m not who you thought that I was,

Even though I haven’t changed in years

You tell me you are mine and let me fall deep in love,

But ,alone, my throat burns from the taste of my tears…..

How long will you compare me to the one from your past?

Why not just go back there if you think we won’t last?

Poem, after song, after request, after plea…

When have you asked me lately what I want?  what I need?

Is this all about you? Is it cool that I can’t sleep?

Can you come into my home and stay the night? Stay the week?

Are you waiting for me to make that one mistake and let this go?

If that really is so, save your strength and let me know….

I can see you catch eyes with other men,

Regardless of what it means…

I can sit and watch the whole event and you act like I can’t see these things.

I have given you my heart, my body, my soul


Questions for my Love

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