The Island and The Sea

The Soul's Journal

I remember the first time I saw the sea,

I saw the first color of blue that showed me my life –

The first color of true when I saw it at night

And I wanted to jump in, but my feet wouldn’t budge

I felt safe at the shore; the ground where I was

It was all I ever knew – I felt in control.

The swole of the wave was like a hand when it reached,

To take me inside the water – to take me from my beach.

Then I looked at my ground and I looked at my feet;

They were bleeding and bruised from the path that I walked

Through the thorns and the glass – the mud and the quakes

I had mistaken this place as somewhere that was safe

The pain that it caused left me lost and alone

Now my home is an island where nobody comes

But the sea can see how my heart has been done

It just wants me to swim and wash away my pain

The sea can stand the rain  - with its arms open wide,

will hold me up – let me float….

And carry me to love.

But the ground holds a grudge –

and it separates the sea.

The ground pushes it back when the tide comes for me.

There’s danger in the ocean – danger on the land.

I might get hurt if I swim, but I know I’m hurting where I stand

So I’m safe where I’m at until the earth hurts me again

And just stare at the sea like the first time again.

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